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The art of miniature enamel painting dates back to the 1500s. It is considered one of the noblest decorative arts. The craft began as a way for the nobility to capture the likeness of someone, either for personal or official purposes. It migrated into watchmaking about a hundred years later.

iwc portuguese chrono replica employs the same techniques as centuries-old portuguese chrono replica The artisan starts by applying several layers of enamel on a solid-gold dial. The back of the dial is also enameled to prevent distortions of the metal. Each layer is individually fired at temperatures of around 800degC in a kiln. The enamel surface is then polished meticulously to create a canvas that the artist can use for miniature painting.

Colors are created using enamel powder, metal oxides, and pine oil. The paint is then applied to the dial by using a microscope and small brushes. The image is fixed forever by firing the result one more time.

iwc portuguese chrono replica Villeret Manualle Piece Unique pieces featuring enamel dials

This ancient Japanese art lends itself to horology perfectly.replica omega seamaster 007 watch It was developed originally to decorate Samurai swords. The color of the gold/copper alloy, which is normally yellow, orange and brown in its natural state, was changed to a nuanced shade of black/gray.

In contrast to electroplating, which adds material to the surface, the process involves submerging a dial or component into a warm chemical bath known as a Rokusho. This transforms the colour of the alloy. To get the perfect color, it takes a lot of trial-and-error. If desired, the surface can be brushed for additional texture. Shakudo often combines with other decorative techniques like engraving, damascening, andcarving.